4 Sneaky Signs Your Ex Still Likes You

There is a thin line between love and hate. If you think your ex hates you, then you still have a good chance getting them back. You see, hatred is just an emotion, and just like love it’s meant only for those who we really care about. It’s not hatred that you should be afraid of, it’s indifference. If your ex is indifferent, then you have a problem. If they hate you, love you, angry at you or have any type of emotion for you, then you still can hope.

emotional ex

Any type of emotion is good, even anger

It is quite easy to figure out if your ex still likes you, or if they still have feelings for you. You can easily spot these sneaky signs if your ex likes you –

Sneaky Sign No. 1: Emotions

If there is any type of emotions involved when your ex is talking to you or they are talking about you to someone else. Any type of emotion would do, even if they seem angry at you.

Sneaky Sign No. 2: Contact

If there is still some type of contact between you two. Many times, after a breakup, your ex would want to keep in contact. They would say they want to stay in touch and be friends. This is a very good sign, because why else would they want to stay in touch with you unless they have feelings for you.

Ex beign competitive

It’s a good sign if they are being competitive

Sneaky Sign No. 3: Being Competitive

Sometimes your ex will try to be too competitive and show you how well they are doing after the breakup. They will try to sort of rub it in your face that they are doing better than you, having a better time than you. In reality, they are trying to over convince themselves that they have gotten over you, even though they still have feelings for you.

Sneaky Sing No. 4: The Push/Pull Psychology

Push/Pull psychology is when your ex wants to be with you one minute and the other minute they are trying to stay away from you. This is sign that they are not sure of their feelings yet and are trying to fight with the conflict in their mind about you. This is a good sign because this actually means that your ex still thinks about you a lot. Sometimes they listen to their heart and give in to their temptation of wanting to see you and sometimes they listen to their brain and decide it is best to stay away from you.

Take note that these are the signs that your ex still has feelings for you. This does not necessarily mean that they want you back. It just means that there is a very good chance that you can be together, if you play your cards right. Remember, stay calm and don’t do anything stupid that will give them a reason to become indifferent. Check out my How To Get Your Ex Back – 3 Step Plan.

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  • Meesh December 14, 2010, 12:41 am

    Wow, #4 is exactly what my ex boyfriend does! He broke up with me last February, but we have been off and on physically since. The last time being just a few days ago, and before that, it was about 6 months. I initiated contact on each occasion, but never just for a hook-up, I truly missed him, and wanted to see him. But because we have such a strong physical chemistry, it always led to more. Each time, he would “disappear”. He would avoid my texts, which were few and far between. I always respected his space. But I have always noticed this about him. Now, I expect it, but it still made me wonder why he would do this? I’m glad I read this article, it has helped a lot! =)

  • Le April 17, 2011, 2:25 am

    I had my ex for a year and some. I started to realize that he was drifting away. He wasn’t calling me as usual. Only when he wanted something he would call. When I realize that he was drifting too far, I tried talking to him trying to figure out what was going wrong. I even asked him if he was willing to work things out and he was like “I don’t know”. A couple of months later I asked him if we could be friends and he was like “seems ok to me :)”. This is now four months later. Since the breakup I cried and cried trying to figure out why he didn’t pay attention to me. I saw him doing things for his new girlfriend that he never did for me. He had on facebook (I don’t know if he still have it up because I delete him) that he is in a relationship with (the girls name). I sent him a relationship request like 3 times and he never accepted or declined it. He had up on msn that he found the girl of his dreams and had up a picture with him and her. Yes I felt bad and yes I cried. I told my friends what was going on and everyone I told was like “you have to tell him how you feel before its too late”. And I did tell him in a message on facebook. I did the wrongest thing and begged back for him. He said well as you know I have a girlfriend but me and you are good Le, I would still talk to you like that though. At this point of the time I was confused. I still see him every now and then unexpectedly. But we walk pass each other like we never met each other before. Up to yesterday I saw him with three of his friends but I did what he always do, I walked pass him. I could’ve see him from the corner of my eyes that he was looking at me, even my friend that I was with said he was looking at me. I really miss him and surely want him back. I am only 16 and he is the only person that I can see myself living with and making a family with(the only person). He is also 16. I don’t know what to do. I am in a relationship now and I still think of my ex. Still cry over him every time memories come back to me. So should I follow your steps or just move on without him ??

  • Kevb May 27, 2011, 6:45 am

    Well mine is a little different. I met Danielle a year ago. Looking back and being honest I knew the second I saw her there was something, never would admit it then but I felt it. At that time she was in an abusive relationship, honestly I wanted nothing more than to help at that point. Never got my hopes up. It would be more than a crush. And if you saw this girl, you couldn’t help too. Saying she was attractive was an understatement. But we started talking cause I couldn’t understand how she was with the piece of sh&$ she was with. No job for a year, couldn’t be out of his sight. Controlled how she dressed, who she could talk to etc. It was hard to watch. And the sh$& hit the fan finally between them. I wanted to go confront this a-hole but kept my cool for her. What she told me would piss any one off. Guess that’s when I admitted to my self and very soon after her I started care’ and more than a friend. Well it was one crazy start. More intense than any thing I’ve ever had, but was just so easy. I didn’t have to try, it was just there. Had to deal with her ex threatening me, her, to kill himself. Try and convince her an epo is in her best interest cause I can’t be around all the time. And a lot of other stuff but us that was great. Then her ex dropped a bomb that he was shooting up and bisexual. And was serious. I knew they talked and was cool with it. Mean if she wanted to go back to that the peace out, have a great life. Good luck lmao!!! I wasn’t worried. But he “hated my sole.” an tried calling cops and drug task force on me. Caught wind of that and called my self. Asked them to come on to my house and get it over with. They did and apologized and admitted he did call. But after the bi thing she was done with him finally. The first month we went for a walk and I told her I know I’m setting myself up to get hurt. And my curse and fear. My curse us I’m 30 years old and never been past 6 months in a relationship. Second and biggest fear is I’ll finally invest and go all in to find out she folds soon after. But I also knew if there was a gamble to take this was one that was more than worth it. I asked her if she was sure, and this is the time to back out. She promised she was sure. I foolishly believed her. About 4 months went by and she come over saying she ran into her BFF and was just to exceeded. I felt uneasy the second I heard the name, happens to be a local doctors son with a trust fund. I knew this was bad, then she started texting him a lot, went to lunch with him, that’s all fine. I’m a secure person, and definitely didn’t want to be like her ex. So I didn’t and kept my reservations to my self. But then she started pulling back, that’s a unmistakable sign, together with what’s in the pit of your stomach. You just know. Well she flipped a switch it seemed. All the sudden I was smothering??? WTF? She would not drive in the snow with her mustang, I never wanted her to also. But one night she just came over and it had just started a bad snow storm. Well 45 min latter and 4″ of snow latter her bff called. Drunk and needed a ride. She promised to let us meet and “it was important to her”. I wanted the same. I have only met one of her friends at that point. Any way she was like I got to go pick him up, I wasn’t to happy cause I knew how bad it was out and how sudden it was. So I offer to drive, had 4x drive truck and all. She gets pissed saying that not how she wanted us to meet. And it was important to her. WTF, right??? Red flags everywhere. So yes I had a huge problem with that but was like what ever then, go, I don’t control you. 3 hours latter and it was a 10 mile round trip I call, pissed I’m up at 2 am waiting and worrying about her. She gets pissed like it was an inconvenience. Bitch you sleeping over here out in a blizzard with a dude I don’t know acting shady and way past what I knew it would take??? Then new years was the biggest tell. I was supper to work that night at my bar. Got off the last second to spend it with her. She comes over and tells me she’s spending new years day in Louisville with that dude. And that would have been the first day we were off on the same day in a month. So yes I hated that and was getting pissed at her and him at this point. Let her know that too. Well she pressed my give in button with I won’t go if you don’t want me to. I hate that. It’s not my choice. It’s yours. You decide, know I disagree and not happy if u go, it’s disrespectful. Something I would never do to her. So she goes. Well from that point for 3 weeks she withdrew completely. Then said it changed, and wasn’t the same. I pleaded don’t make that decision like this. Let’s take a break and see where we are in a few weeks rather than throw it away. She said that’s what I told her not to say to her ex cause it gave false hope. WTF. So its like that??? Wonder where your ending up??? She said there were things she needed to do and didn’t feel she would with me. And yes she still loves me but love isn’t always enough. Honestly I hit my self district button for 2 months. We still see each other every day even to this day 4.5 months latter. The first three days was hopeful. We still kissed, slept together, stuff. Then the 4th day it’s weird to her all the sudden. I knew she hooked up with her bff, the one I never had to worry about. He’s just to tiny, which he’s for real a pigmy. Just I allowed it to happen, even though I felt it in my gut, I let this happen. I blame myself for it. Two weeks she admitted there was something going on between them. I flipped. Was pissed. Made her cry and feel like a piece of sh$&. But she still came and saw me every day. After I told her, yes for the first time I know what I want in life, your the missing piece of the puzzle to put my life together, and yes I still mean all this to this day, just if we continue to talk I will never stop trying to get you back. And you scare the hell out of me now, cause when I do move on even years from now and am happy if you come back around you could put me some place I don’t want to ever be. Cause yes a part will always wonder now, cause I know and you know there’s a lot of love there. I want to find out before moving on. but won’t let you hold me back. It has been a battle, internal and external. When we broke up it wasn’t cause we didn’t love each other or it couldn’t work. That’s what has made it hard. And yes I know, she made her decision, just I feel we went to fast and to deep to soon. Cause that’s what her answer was for everything, I don’t know. I do believe if it’s real it will find it’s way back just she was willing to play fate roulette. I don’t have a choice here, I can’t stop loving her, tried, can’t give up cause if I do it becomes permanent, can’t get her to change her mind. She has to want that again. It’s complicated. But what’s there is easy though, 5 months out now. She still comes and see me every morning. She’s ran into some take-homes from work. Played it cool but avoided me for a day or two after. I could tell it bothered her but felt no compassion. This is her doing and mess. She can’t be mad after what she’s done just it’s weird for the other chick too see my ex just walk in at 8-9 am. She still has a key to my house, told her keep it cause I know some day you will need it or want it again. We talk and text all day too. It’s a fu$&ed up situation. But I’m honest and she’s told me recently that there’s love there and we are not just friends. But how if the opportunity comes can you go back. I know slowly but there has been forts built between us. How can we find our way back if it’s ever or even possible. I forgive her in a way but can’t in others???? Help???? I know in my heart this isn’t over and this is the real thing. All’s fair in love and war and this is the deciding battle. She’s Worth fighting for. I’ve asked my self that question but can’t wait till this guy hurts her for her to come back. I can’t accept that victory. Get it??? WTF do I do. I can’t walk away, tried, tried pushing her away to. Just can’t happen. Told her I can never accept a friend card till I know what’s really between us. I’m screwed!!!!

    • Laura January 6, 2012, 1:18 pm

      move on why would you want to be anyone’s second choice. You’re being played and your blinded by the feelings you still have for her. If she felt the same way about you she wouldn’t be with him. Excuses are what people use when they don’t want you to know the truth. As a female let me tell you she chose him because she didn’t want you. By trying to keep her your going to mess up your chances of finding someone better. MAN UP. DON’T BE STUPID.

    • Ray January 7, 2012, 12:57 am

      I’m in a similar situation…waiting for this girl and I’ve waited so long (years). She’s everything that I wanted, but if she asked for me back I don’t think I can take her back. I know how you feel, you can forgive her for everything; forgive what she has done because you love her…, but deep down inside that heart there’s a piece that’s tearing you apart. You think how can she do this to me, how can I ever trust her again. I’m still in love with this girl I’ve known her for so long, but I can’t take her back because I can never love her like I once did. Imagine finding another girl that you can love just as much or more and you give all of your heart too, not just a piece like you are with this girl. You can love her… I hope that you accepted that you love her, but remember you can love someone else.

  • hailey October 4, 2011, 1:58 am

    well my ex does all of these does that really mean he still likes me?

    • Jessica November 4, 2011, 4:26 am

      Yes hailey that means he still likes you

  • Bridgett October 12, 2011, 3:08 pm

    In response to Kevb, my heart goes out to you, but you have to let this girl go to keep your sanity! She went through a traumatic situation with her ex and didn’t have enough time to get over it before she began a relationship with you. I hate to say it but you became her ‘rebound’ guy. I don’t doubt that she has feelings for you, but she needs time to heal and time to find out what she really wants in life and in a relationship. She can’t be the person you need her to be right now. I know it will hurt like hell, but you need to distance yourself from her, cut off all contact and change your locks (don’t even ask for the key back). You need to let go of her before you’re drawn deeper and deeper into an abyss of loneliness, bitterness and pain. She will cause you to never trust another woman with your heart again, so go while you still can. Once she figures out who she really is and what she wants, you’ll be either married or in another relationship and by that time your love will have turned into indifference. You only live once so don’t waste your life waiting and fighting for someone who is not willing to do the same for you. Hope this helps.

  • Jasmine November 4, 2011, 4:05 am

    I dated my boyfriend, Junior, for at least 2 weeks. When we broke up & I was devastated, but then sooner or later I got over him and started being me again. But then I started to notice him starring at me. So a couple of days after the break up he started being curious and asking me why I wasn’t talking to him. And then he started telling me that he still wants to be friends. And so I started talking to him again, but then my friend started liking him and asked me to ask him out for her. And so I walked over to him and told him that she wanted to go out with him but then he gave me this strange face and told me that I know already why he doesn’t want to date other girls. Apparently I was lost and started getting annoyed. The first time I asked him he said no. Then the second time I asked him he told her no again. Is that a sign that he still likes me?

  • matt February 8, 2012, 2:16 am

    My ex told me she never wanted anything to do with but then started talking to me she has a new boyfriend, someone I work with even. We were talking one day and she kissed me. She hangs out with my sisters and constantly talks about me. She went out with her boyfriend and then told my sister she wishes it was me not him. Now yesterday she wants nothing to do with me and in the same breath wants to be my friend and now she is volunteering at a couple places I’m at. I’m kinda stuck I don’t know what to do because it seems like after she gets mad and is harsh, she apologizes and then falls in the same routine. But wont date me?

  • Carni February 17, 2012, 10:48 am

    My ex and I are normally fighting, I hit him (I only mean to do it lightly, I know I have to stop) during our arguments (this started AFTER the break-up) and he seems to get ticked off at every word I say no matter if I mean it as a compliment or not. Today he *tried* to do something kind and help me out with a computer problem during Science Class. He never texts me or calls me though, and he seems hostile most of the time.

    I am so confused!