5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

signs your ex wants you backLast time we talked about what are the signs that your ex still likes you. However, even if your ex still likes you doesn’t necessarily mean they want to get back with you. It doesn’t even necessarily mean they are thinking about getting back together.

Reading the subtle hints and signs they give is important because it will tell you exactly what state they are in mentally. Here are a few sure signs your ex girlfriend or your ex boyfriend is thinking about getting back together.

1. They make an effort to improve themselves and then directly or indirect let you know that they have improved. For example, they may have started working out to improve their physical experience, or they may have gotten a better job to improve their financial stability, or they may have been working with inner issues which may have caused the breakup.

2. If they think they’ve done something wrong or done something to disappoint you, they go out of their way to apologize and make things right. For example, if they said they would call you at a certain time but didn’t.

3. Running into you “accidentally” at a place you frequently visit.

4. While having a conversation, they talk about a future in which you are present. This means they want you in their life and are expecting you to be there in the future.

5. They try to talk about what went wrong in the relationship and how things could have been better.

If you notice any of these signs, then the ball is in your court and you’ve got to make the next move. Be confident because at this moment, they are on the fence and are tilting towards getting back together.

But don’t be too aggressive by trying to force them to get back together. One wrong move and they will be thinking that breaking up was the right thing to do. You have to play your cards right. Having a solid plan helps.

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13 years ago

If you really like your ex and u want him/her back why not just ask. Besides trying to give signs like really the worst they can do is say no which isn’t that bad.