5 Ways To Hold Onto That Special Someone

hold on to that special someoneFor anyone who has experienced a breakup before, one of the trickiest issues with dating someone new can be worrying about holding onto that person. When you’ve been hurt, or had a long relationship end, it’s natural to feel a bit paranoid about the next special significant other to come into your life. The tendency is to think that if you couldn’t make it work last time, you might not be able to this time. However, this does not need to be the case. There’s no way to guarantee a relationship holds together, but here are 5 simple ways to keep your new love alive and hold onto that special someone.

1. Establish A Date Night

Some people avoid the “date night” idea because it feels a bit stiff and contrived. However, you may be surprised at how much you actually enjoy having this on the schedule once you try it. Establishing a date night simply means that one night a week, no matter how busy the two of you become, or how occupied you may be on other nights, belongs to just the two of you. It can be a great time to recharge the romance on a weekly basis.

2. Stay Active With Your Friends

One of the quickest ways to doom a relationship is to become too dependent on your partner for company. It’s easy to get wrapped up in each other and then suddenly realize you never hang out with anyone else, but this will inevitably lead to a bad situation. Stay active with your own friends to avoid this problem. It will help you both to feel free and relaxed within your relationship.

3. Keep The Bedroom Interesting

Different people may try different approaches here. Whether it’s trying new positions, browsing sex toys at Adam & Eve, or whatever else occurs to you, however, it’s important to keep the bedroom interesting and exciting. If things get dull in bed, your relationship as a whole will likely soon follow.

4. Stay Spontaneous

You can overplay the spontaneity card. A bouquet of roses every week can quickly turn from spontaneous into dull and predictable. But if you vary your approach, staying slightly unpredictable is a great way to keep your partner interested and fascinated. People in romantic relationships appreciate surprises and learning new (positive) things about their partners, and it’s up to you to make sure that keeps happening.

5. Grow Independently

Finally, it’s important to grow independently when in a relationship. While you’ll have to consider your partner, of course, try not to take or avoid opportunities in your personal life simply because of your relationship. Go after that job you want, or apply for the semester abroad you feel that you need. A strong relationship accommodates these kinds of personal needs and desires.


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