5 Ways To Make Your Ex Pay

One has to work very hard to build up and maintain a relationship. However, breakups happen more often than we think they do and breakups are really capable of shaking your belief. I am sure that if you have been affected by your breakup deeply, you would certainly want to make your ex pay for all the damage that he has caused. However, if you are planning to cause him any physical harm, my question would be – is that right to do? The answer is a very certain no. Instead, I have a better way to make your ex pay back. Live your life and be happy. Like they say, the best revenge is living well. This will not only make them realize how important you are and were to them, but will also make him pay for their mistakes.  Thus, here are the 5 ways to make your ex pay:

  1. To start with, do not cry, beg and plead. Let me tell you that no one ever needs the needy. If you will cry and sob all the time, your ex will definitely run away from you.
  2. Minimize the communication between you two. This might not seem as the best idea to you but it can do great wonders. Staying away from your ex will make him miss you and realize your importance in his life.
  3. Be sympathetic and understanding. Even if you and your ex are no more in a relationship that does not mean that you will throw things at him or throw him out of the house. Listen to him, his problems and what he has to say. This side of you will make him want to know you even better.
  4. Get a social life. Staying at home, locked inside doors will do you no good. I am not asking you to go on a date or anything on those lines. Instead, you should have a friend`s night out. Drink some beer, enjoy and relax. Enjoying a little company will help you divert your attention and become a little cheerful in the mind.
  5. Be genuine and do not try to be something that you are not.  The very reason why you and your ex were in a relationship is because he loved what you were. Thus, you don`t have to change and become something else that you never were just to win him back. Stay what you were like when your relationship had started off.

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