7 Tips to make your husband feel special

A big part of valuing your relationship with your husband is being able to find ways to show him just how much you appreciate and love the old lug. All too many times we forget to take those extra little steps in order to make him feel special and wanted. Don’t overlook the opportunities you have to make this happen, you might be surprised at all the small ways you can show your affection.

1. Make Him a Special Meal

You probably put together plenty of meals for your man already, but take the time to create his favorite dish especially for him once in awhile. Even if you aren’t fond of his favorite foods, it shows a lot when you’re willing to prepare them for him. Another option is to cook a fabulous, romantic dish complete with candle light and some quiet music. Make this night happen when your schedules aren’t crazy so you can really take the time to sit down, relax and laugh with each other.

2. Don’t Overlook His Successes

Even the small things that make him proud should make you proud too, so share it with him! There is nothing wrong with congratulating him in an excited way when he tells you all about his skills on the golf course that morning. Bake him some cookies when he finishes up a project around the house and a thanks. Your husband wants to be your hero, and the best way to make him feel as though he’s doing a good job, is to praise his efforts and his successes.

3. Leave Him Notes

You might be worried that he’ll think you are silly but the truth is that he’ll love to find little notes in his lunch bag, his briefcase or even left near his razor. The note doesn’t have to be long and drawn out but instead a simple "Love Ya!" or "You’re Hot!" is the right kind of vibe for these notes. Be forewarned, leaving many of these notes might create a wild man in the bedroom!

4. Help Him out Around the House

Just because you both might happen to do specific chores around the home doesn’t mean you can’t help him out once in awhile. Taking out the trash, washing the car or even mowing the lawn without expecting anything in return can really show your husband how much you appreciate what he does around the house.

5. Bring the flirt On!

Being married for awhile tends to put the brakes on flirtatious behavior. Don’t let this happen to you and your man. Instead, consider rubbing his leg with your foot under the dinner table or whispering a little something into his ear when asking if he’s ready for bed. Sparking up a flirty phone call in the middle of the day might be just the thing he needs to put a smile on his face for the rest of the day.

6. Do Something He Likes That You Normally Wouldn’t

If he’s into seeing action movies but he can never get you to go to the movies with him, invite him out to see the newest movie you know he’ll love. You never know, you might very well end up liking it as well. And worse case scenario, at least you’ll know what he’s talking about when he spends the next hour telling you what he thought about the movie himself. Besides, you can hold him to joining you for a movie he might not be that thrilled about some time in the future!

7. Give Him an Entire Day Off

Your husband no doubt works hard for you and your family, and he deserves some time off just like you do. Give him one by bringing him breakfast in bed and letting him watch movies all day in the room. He can spend some family time during dinner and then you guys can retire into the room for the night-together for some alone time. He’ll wake up relaxed, happy and ready to get to those household chores on Sunday morning!

Use your imagination and be creative. Consider cards, flowers, some lingerie, a night out at the park or even reservations at a little hotel somewhere nearby. There are no limits when it comes to expressing your love, so take advantage of everything out there that will help you do it.

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