My name is Kevin Thompson and I help people get back together after a breakup. I will not call my self a relationship expert because that term has been used over and over again to the point where it really doesn’t mean anything. But I will tell you that I have helped quite a few people get back with their ex. Sometimes, there situation was so hopeless when they came to me, they were all convinced that there is no way their ex will ever even talk to them again. I try my best to help anyone who I think is worth helping.

If you are on this website, then it is very likely that you’ve gone through a bad breakup and are looking for ways to get your ex back. I wish that we had met in a better situation. But hey, through my experience in helping people getting back together, I can tell you this – Your situation is not as hopeless and messed up as you think it is. People generally make the situation much worse than it is in their minds after a breakup.

If you are here, I’d suggest you start with the 3 Step plan on how to get your ex back. You can also subscribe to my newsletter where I’ll send you tons of FREE tips and information on relationship and your ex.

I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at kevinex123@gmail.com

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  • Saranyah May 29, 2011, 7:19 pm

    Maybe if you didn’t receive my message in your inbox here’s the letter :

    Hi Kevin,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time to read my message. Also, I do not believe that all teenage love are just a teenage love and not beyond it. I want to have my ex back and keep him forever. We never kissed or had sex, but we enjoyed our 3 months of relationship. It was a different world, everyday it was a new discovery in our lives. However, those wonderful moments ended soon. The problem is that it has been almost two years that we have broke up and now we’re both 17 years old. I will explain everything from the start until now.

    Two years ago

    We we’re 14 years old and studied in secondary 3 at high school. At the beginning, I was interested in him the moment I saw him for the first time. When I told him, he wanted us to be just friends since he had crush on someone. Few months later, when we were good friends, he asked me out and I accepted. Like I said before, these months were wonderful moment for us and I knew that when he also saw me for the first time he had this voice telling him that I was his love of his life. But, he was afraid to hurt himself in the futur by getting serious. So, it was the reason why he refused me before. Everything was great when one day, I broke up with him because I realised that I was in love with him. I was young and didn’t want to get to serious. When I sent him the message on msn, he didnt argue or replied my message. I heard from his friends that he was really heartbroken… Few weeks later, he started seeing other girls.

    During the two years

    Two months later after we broke up , I still loved him. I did the same mistakes like any other women did. I begged and cried to him, sent messages in to his facebook messages and sent my friends to tell him how I still loved him deeply. However, he pushed me away by replying that he would never love me again and that he moved on.
    Last summer, I deactivated my Facebook account to close all contact with him for one month. During that one month, I was enjoying my vacation and relaxing myself from all worries. After one month, I reactivated and got a message from him in my chat box: ” Hi Saranyah, can we be friends again?” I accepted. However, it didnt go well when we came back to school ( it was our last year of high school), because one day he would be very close and nice to me, and another day he would cold-shoulder toward me. He indirectly expected me to come and say hi to him everytime. I got tired of it because it hurted me so badly. He was capable of saying “HI” to most of the girls except me…
    I also noticed that when he sees me walk to the hallway, he would flirt with girls . Four months ago, he was kind of begging a girl beside my locker to give him a hug by watching me. I was pretending to be busy talking to my friends and laughing with them. What was funny is that, the girl refused to give him a hug and everyone was laughing at it. He got embarrassed and went on to his class by looking at me to see my reaction. To be honest, I rarely get jealous and even if I would do get it, I would keep smiling like I did with him. Two months ago, we have a mutual friend and she told me that sometimes he would ask her if I were okay or having any problems. He would tell her to take care of me. I also noticed that sometimes, when I have my back turned to him, he looks at me and when I turned to him, he would look away. Moreover, I have a best friend and my ex hates him because he’s close to me. He always sees my friend in a hatred way. One day, me and my friend was joking around and my friend told me : ” bitch”. My ex heard that and he closed his fingers to punch him, but he didn’t since my friend told me: ” hey cool cool I was just joking”. Later, my friend got annoyed that my ex always looked at him in a bad way, so he told my ex that it was impossible that he would go out with me if I still loved my ex. That’s the problem. From that day until now, he barely looks at me, he doesn’t see my friend in a hatred way ,etc. Recently, I also heard from the mutual friend that he started to like a girl outside the school and that he’s going to ask her for the prom. However, he rarely likes her photos or her status in Facebook. He also told my mutual friend that he doesn’t think about me anymore.

    I am getting afraid. He knows I still love him but he doesn’t want to believe me. He ignores me so I could run behind him. Even if I try the friendship technique to prove him that this time I really want a serious relationship, he’s pushing me away. We have another one month before high school finishes. I was thinking of doing your 3 step plan but I ‘m not sure if it will work. He said that he doesnt think of me anymore and if I deactivate my Facebook ( the only contact we’ll have after we leave high school) will he forget me? Do you think my situation is worse or is there a chance to win his trust and him back forever? If you say that your 3 step plan will work for us, how many months should I close all contact with him?

    Thank you again for taking time to read my message. I know it is very long but I wanted to be honest for what happen from A to Z, so that you could understand my situation.

  • Mai Salem October 8, 2011, 7:47 pm

    Hello Kevin :), i’m Mai i’m so happy from your site how to get your ex back and i would like to thank you so much for your daily mails it’s make me feel i’m not alone.
    I started to follow your steps 3 days ago and it’s start working with me. I had daily phone calls from my ex after i lost hope but he talking with me now as a friend, frankly i’m making too hard effort to controlling myself to be strong and act as i’m good and i’m not sad anymore, really i don’t know what’s inside his brain now because his way not clear enough as he said:
    1. we are friends now.
    2. i want time to make sure i can forgive you because i can’t now.
    3. calling me over 30 min per day and talking in many things except our relation.
    4. always asking about my day and if i go out or not?
    5. finally he told me that he will travel after 10 days and i show happiness for that (and of course i’m not :()
    If you please tell me what to do? my heart hurting me all the day and when i hear his voice feeling many things but still controlling theses feelings because i want him to think i’m fine
    Please i will be appreciate to replay me

  • Ali October 27, 2011, 10:48 pm

    Hey Kevin,
    It’s been 2 weeks since he broke up with me and I’ve been hanging out with my friends mostly. I’ve been happy, and working on getting myself together. I’m totally clueless what he is thinking. I texted him since the breakup and the last time i texted him i asked what he was thinking about and if he wants to get back together. He said that he’s sorry and that were better off not together, i’m happier now. he also said i’m a good person we just don’t go good together, we disagree on a lot and we’re really different, i want you to be happy and i want to be to. i’m sorry i realized what i want. i think we should see other people and have fun with our friends. he also said things that have nothing to do with our relationship such as i have given you changed. i wasn’t happy and i wasn’t myself. i’m done im sorry. I changed, it wasn’t meant to be. All of this came out of no where and i don’t understand if he’s lying or if he’s being serious. when i asked him early that if you care about me then you won’t mind meeting up, he said yes when? and was fine with it. when i asked him after how he felt and i was asking for him back, he said sure but it’s not going to change my mind i’m sorry. I was so upset balling my eyes out so i then said an hour or so later that i’m fine with our breakup. and i don’t think thursday is going to work to meet up. all he said was okay have a good week. then when i went on facebook later he messaged me saying lol did you watch a funny cartoon on my netflix? i didn’t even answer him because i was so upset. what should i do from here? we haven’t talked for the rest of the week since that conversation. i was considering writing a letter to send like you’ve been saying in the emails.

  • Bess February 27, 2012, 12:00 pm

    Hi…we’ll call myself Bess…and my ex I want to get bacl we’ll call Michael…from the moment fate brought us together I knew that was it for me…I fell long and hard for Michael. We literally met by chance…then 3months later our paths crossed again and this time we weren’t just gonna walk away…we went to dinner that very nite…and the next 10years are a rollercoaster worldwind experiences that further confirmed our love for eachother…we are amazing together…the kinda couple people look at and maybe even envy us…the way we connect on every level…its unreal…we’ve had a our fair share of normal relationship issues and even moved out…broken up…bla bla bla…but were always back in eachothers arms soon enough…both realizing this is the only place we should be…longer story short…we were engaged in early Oct. 2011 and finally I was ready to exhale so to speak…everything seemed perfect…I couldn’t have been happier. He cried…was as happy as i was…I thought…then 2 days later he called saying he wasn’t ready…he loves me but the marriage thing freaked him out and that we should take a break…there was really nothing for me to say…then we didn’t talk after that…a few text messages here and there…sending songs professing some means to describe how he’s feeling or whatever…then it got mean…now it feel hopeless. I am an educated smart beautiful woman…but I an forever hopelessly in love with a man that was engaged to me a few months ago…and today doesn’t even wonder if I’m alive…please help me. I will do whatever I can to get my life back…I need him in my life…he makes me feel beauty I can’t even put into words…I know he must be going through something equally as horrible but he has stronger vices…alcohol…etc…and his very prideful…please teach me what u know so I can live my life again with the man I love. I’m forever grateful! XOXOXOXO Bess

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