Anything above 50% is a good score. Although, even if it is less than 50%, you still can get him back if you do the right things at the right time. That is why I have developed an e-course which will guide you through this tough time and will help you get to the point where you will have your ex back in your arms. To subscribe to this e-course, I’ll need your name and email.

Don’t worry there will be no spam. I am a man of my words. 🙂

Over the course of this e-course, you will learn many things that will help you get your ex back.

  • I will teach you how to use a simple technique to stop panicking and pull yourself together.
  • I will teach you exactly how to write that HAND WRITTEN LETTER to make initial contact with your ex.
  • I will help you understand exactly what went wrong with the relationship and how you can make sure that when you get your boyfriend back, THEY STAY WITH YOU.
  • I will also tell you how to make that small date emotionally charged to create an instant bond between you two, just like the one you had at the beginning of the relationship (honeymoon stage).
  • You don’t want any of that bad association when you see them for the date. I will teach you how to use simple technique of pattern breaking to make sure that your ex only feels good whenever they see you again.

This e-course is FREE. All you need to do is enter your name and email below to subscribe. And no, there will be no spam at all. If you don’t like what I send, you can unsubscribe any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of my email which look like this.


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Just enter your name and email address below and we will work together to get your ex back, one step at a time.

Don’t worry there will be no spam. I am a man of my words. 🙂


Here is what just some of my subscribers have to say about my emails.

Hey Kev,

Well today I logged onto msn and believe it or not she tried to talk to me!? She said ‘hey’

I think this might be working.. Because this hasn’t happened before! It’s usually me trying to talk to her lol.

Anyway I’d really like to thank you for your help so far!! If it wasn’t for you I honestly don’t have a clue where I’d be right now..

You’ve helped me change my life around and overall become a better person i really feel alot better than i did a few weeks ago!

I wish there were more people like yourself out there! Even my own parents couldn’t do what you’ve done. lol

thanks a lot! 🙂



I want you to know that I am grateful for your daily mail; I read it every single morning even before the morning coffee. It helps me a lot knowing there is someone who really knows how deep the hurt and the pain is, and helps you to feel better, and this is exactly what you do Kevin.

Thanks a lot my Dear Friend 🙂

– Maha



Don’t worry there will be no spam. I am a man of my words. 🙂

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