How to Destroy Your Chances of Getting Back Together Using Facebook

Facebook has become an important part of everyone’s life. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with friends, and meeting old friends again.  Facebook is also used to learn about someone and what they like and what they don’t like. What you do on facebook is now actually a part of your social life. How you interact with people and how you respond to status updates, comments etc.

After a breakup, what you do on facebook is actually extremely important because you can bet that your ex and their friends are keeping an eye on your facebook profile. So let’s look at a few things that you can do on facebook that will destroy your chances of getting back together.

1. Sad status updates: It’s quite normal. Someone breaks up after a long relationship; they feel heartbroken; and they feel the need to share their pain with the world. And the next thing you know is a depressing sad status message which shows that you are not able to handle yourself after the breakup. Well guess what, your ex saw that, and so did all their friends. But that’s understandable since you were so much in love with them, right? No it’s not, like I said in the first step of the 3 step plan, begging and pleading and telling them how much you love them is just going to drive them away. And sad status updates are just a way of telling them how much you love them. So, do yourself a favor and stay away from sad status updates.

2. Commenting on your ex’s status and posting on their wall: You’ve got to give your ex their space after the breakup. Commenting all the time on their status and posting on their walls is almost the same as following them around all the time. It’s downright stalking. So, just staying away from your ex’s profile is a good idea.

3. Relationship status: What should you do of your relationship status? If you change it from “In a relationship” to “single” you will find that people commenting on the change. Comments like “I am so sorry dude”, or “Welcome to the single life” are like pouring salt on an open wound. Instead of changing your relationship status, you can just remove the relationship status option from your facebook profile. To do that, just go to your relationship status and select the empty box on top. It will remove the relationship status option from your profile.

4. Blocking Your Ex Completely: Well, if you are mad at your ex and you decide to completely block your ex, in an attempt to show that you don’t care anymore, you might actually be hurting your chances. Showing too much hostility only shows how much you were hurt from the breakup and how unstable you are.

5. Obsessing over your ex’s profile: This is the biggest mistake that you can do. After a breakup, it is normal to go check your ex’s profile and see what they have posted and what they are talking about with their friends. But if you find yourself doing it all the time and obsessing over every little status update that your ex makes, then you need to stop. There is no hidden meaning in their status updates, and no, they didn’t really mean it when they said “I feel awesome”. They are as devastated as you are from the breakup and they are just keeping their poise and trying to look sane on facebook. If you can’t stop obsessing over their profile, then it will be a good idea to unfriend your ex on facebook. I know that this is contrary to mistake no. 4, but you need to understand that you have to put yourself before your ex. That is the key to winning back your love. If you always put your ex before yourself, you will have a hard time getting them back.

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  • Katie April 16, 2011, 6:26 pm

    I feel so stupid. Like, I really don’t have a chance of getting him back. I did almost ALL of these things as well as all of the stuff on step 1 (literally ALL of it). I am screwed, aren’t I?

    • THOMAS August 21, 2011, 12:46 am


      • LILO September 22, 2011, 8:34 pm

        No Katie and Thomas, you aren’t screwed. Just go back and begin with the no contact rule. I put a couple of sad status updates on FB, and I tried to contact him a couple of times but then I stopped. Yes, I did block him too but I did that for my own sanity. I don’t think it means we are screwed. I haven’t had any contact with my ex for 5 weeks now, except to send him a simple birthday wish text on his birthday, but that was literally just “Happy Birthday :)”. That was two weeks ago and I will have no further contact with him for at least another month. I know he is watching me because his brother keeps having small talk with me on MSN which he never did when we were together. Let us know how you got on. xx

  • john September 29, 2011, 6:53 am

    I met my girlfriend exactly 2 years ago. We had a connection and starting dating months after in university. After we simultaneously went through a break up with our different relationships. I was not really in love with her at the start but I liked her. She was all over me and just wanted to be with me. Besides, 3 months in she started talking to her ex again. 9 months after she started dating her ex and broke up with me. It was a distance one though. After begging for 2 weeks and a nice comedy night out we got back together, but 2 weeks later it all ended. At this point I was broke could not pay my rent and had to move in with her. She eventually broke up with me and threw me out of the house. It was a disaster. She apologized and said we can’t do the relationship because she is also broke and she is scared about the future of us. This motivated me. I made sure I stayed friends with her and help her as much as I can from a distance. 2 months later, we started sleeping together again. But she had a plan. She could not keep up with her rent and needed help. So I said, because I was getting a foot hold at the point, let’s get a flat together and she wanted to give it another go. She had to stay with her friend for a month and while she was there she met someone. She was at this point sleeping with 2 of us. The moment I gave her the money for the flat. She called me days after saying we can’t be together and I said ok. Said she found someone. But needed some more money. At this point I was seriously thinking of how to get my money from her. So I went to see her and told her we would not be taking the flat anymore and I wanted my money back. She begged cried and broke down saying ok let’s get back. But we were only in the flat for 2 days and she is asking me to leave that her boyfriend wants to come. At this point I was sick of it. I hope she pays me off because there is no way the guy would come here. It looks all schemed to me by her and the new guy. And if she does bring him here I would keep my cool. I am now talking to the person I would have dated instead of her. I just realized how wronged I was to have not continued asking her out because she is the calmest and most focused, always ready to help lady I have ever met in my life. Any advise will be good. But in the end getting your ex back is not always the best I just realized because even now that I can help her out financially she is long gone and I wish her well.

  • October 7, 2011, 4:34 pm

    Its been like a year or so…still some contact. But we fight. I feel like I have done all the right things and all the wrong things as well. it seems as if I’ve lost her for good.

  • Annie October 19, 2011, 3:25 am

    My ex-bf and I were friends first, for about 4 years before we started dating and I had actually dated one of his friends. But then after about 4 years of great friendship, I started to see him differently. We started flirting and then we started dating. I feel head over heels in love with him and I still love him. The reason we broke up was because we’re just so different. We lived two compltely different lives that often conflict with each other. He’s a computer geek who is so adorable and I’m a dancer and violinist. After about one year of dating tension started to appear in the relationship and we talked about it and decided to break up. We’re still good friends but every time I look at him, my heart aches and I wish that I hadn’t so quickly agreed to break up. I want him back and I think that I have a good chance. He says that he still loves me and I hope that he as being honest.

  • battousai October 30, 2011, 6:20 pm

    I think everything is working, she actually called after not talking for 2 weeks then I broke down cause it felt she just forgot me after those two weeks so I called her and she was all mean to me, she told me it was the things in the past that made her mad, she said we needed to stop talking cause clearly I wasn’t over her so I got mad and said you obviously aren’t either and she agreed. So.. is she on the bad memories healing part? Cause before she said she forgave me now she gets mad quickly at me and talks about it She aslo told me that she will never get back with me cause of the things in the past, but that sounds like the whole trying to be consistant and seem not crazy part. I know she misses me and cares een though she says she doesn’t , for example questions like are you seeing anyone have you slept with anyone? Funny questions to ask for someone who doesn’t care.

  • dj November 1, 2011, 2:14 pm

    honestly ur not screwed at all! i sware, just quit talking to them and ignore them until they say they miss you and want you back. rejection sucks trust me! you will get them back just ignore the fuck out of them until they say they want u back, and even then u wait 2 or 3 days to respond. it’ss the hardest thing ever but it depletes them mentally and psychologically. its working on my gf and i did literally everything possible to keep her away and now shes running back

  • george November 9, 2011, 3:14 pm

    iam in no contact for almost 2 months and yesterday my ex liked my new photo album in fb, which contains some happy photos of me and one photo thay iam with another girl?

  • Kelly November 21, 2011, 9:59 pm

    My ex and I broke up over a month ago. I did the texting, begging, crying gig and that did not justice. I have done most of the initiating of contact and he always responds. Sometimes we are nice, sometimes it gets nasty. I’m going back to no contact. He also blocked me from facebook. He is actually kind of immature and deleted tons of my friends he had met in the 1/ 1/2 years we dated. We have yet to go a week without contact and that is the point I’m at. I’m currently on day 4 and it has been so hard to not reach out to him. I know exactly why we broke up. We were both drinking too much. I no longer drink and it sounds like he is quitting as well. We had a strong love for one another. I hope that he comes around to meet up for coffee sometime. There will be no more contact from my end. So, I will see if he will come around or not. I assume he is thinking I will reach out to him.

    • Kerrie March 19, 2012, 4:54 pm

      Can you let me know how things turned out in the end? Your story sounds very similar to mine. Thank you.

  • Kapoww November 26, 2011, 9:18 pm

    Uggh I just want him back already, I want a fresh start and us to be together forever like we had always planned. Good to know I’m not alone though.

  • n a a November 29, 2011, 6:17 am

    The fact that im almost the obsessive type im so happy i avoided all of this from the beginning. First thing i did was block all of his notifications to avoid being hurt from new pictures or updates from him. No contact of course. Avoided stalking his profile. ALWAYS posted happy statuses and events, parties or people im hanging out with. Kept uploading new pictures with friends or alone…some photoshopping helped too and he started to notice me more saying i look good, liking my pics and always commenting but i never comment on his. And after 5 months he starts randomly texting me everyday and its still going we hung out and went for dinner already and another day together is comming up so i guess facebook can play a big part in getting noticed and getting your ex back. Oh and he did mention that he noticed i am happy and so yes they wiiiill notice you and stalk you every now and then depending on how your relationship was or if he or she really loved you.

  • Megan December 1, 2011, 2:32 pm

    Well my ex has blocked me, claimed to be in a relationship and puts things like . I love my life now its back on track..

    I was with him 2 and a half years and we split 2 months ago…
    what can i do.. he shows signs of missing me but how i can make those signs more clearer for me to act upon
    Please help..

  • Mike December 6, 2011, 3:53 am

    Pleas Help!!
    My ex and I were together for about a year. But I never showed full commitment. I kinda was a big dick but sometimes I wasn’t. I was insensitive. She ended up breaking up with me. I saw it coming. A week later she starts dating someone else. They didn’t last. Now shes dating another guy. I don’t think that they will last. Her and I haven’t been together for at least 8 months now. We haven’t talked really. And I still love her. I really just want to start over with her. Be her friend and see if that spark of love is there. Help! What do I do?

  • Mike December 6, 2011, 3:55 am

    And to add .. I’ve changed I really have… I just wish she would understand now.

  • Alan December 26, 2011, 7:04 pm

    I was with my ex for 4 years, she lived with me for 3 1/2 of those. It’s been exactly 3 weeks since the breakup and I contacted her just 4 times in the early week of our breakup. Since then I’ve really moved on. I’ve realized by now that not contacting them is for the best whether we get back together or not. In my particular situation the chances of us getting back are probably close to 10%. Either way I’m moving on with my life and already dating many other women. I highly suggest to anyone else to do the same. I feel like I’ve grown from something that was very difficult in my life for the last 4 years. I don’t expect her to contact me because she’s like that, so in the meantime you have to tell yourself, it’s best to move on no matter what. They will see you’ve become someone much more attractive once they sense that you’ve really moved on with your life, and who knows, by the time they see that you might have already found someone else. So don’t sleep on it at all thinking they’ll come back.

  • jen December 27, 2011, 2:40 am

    I broke up with my ex two years ago. We met again and realized that we still have love for each other but then he told me that she got a girlfriend already. It really hurts but I continue the communication between us just like before. But I finally let it go cause it hurts that I’m his second priority. I stop texting him and even block him on Facebook. Deep in my heart I still want him back but I don’t know where to start. Please help.

  • Mandy January 14, 2012, 5:22 am

    Okay how do you explain my ex just randomly deleting me from FB one day out of the blue? A little more than a month after breaking up.. when we broke up we agreed to be friends and there for each other in the most appropriate ways we could. We didn’t exactly go through the “no contact” period after we broke up and texted the day after we did. Then just a little bit longer than 2 weeks of being broken up I went to the hospital from a panic attack and told him the next day and he asked why and showed some concern then when I said it was due to a panic attack he sounded stand-offish and pretty much replied like “that’s the reason why you went to the ER?”. I then regretted ever telling him that because I knew it will freak him out. Last we talked was texting on Xmas eve saying the whole happy holiday thing to each other and asked how we were doing and I suggested we get lunch sometime and he said that be good, and asked him when’s a good day. but no reply and never bothered to talk to him since, and now he just deleted me from fb and I have no clue why. He wanted to be friends and he actually cried during our meetup breakup talk and now deleting me from fb just makes no sense to me. I know I was negative and needy right after we broke up but when I went to the ER like that I pretty much had an epiphany and from then on been doing nothing but bettering myself and have grown A LOT in the last few weeks. Before I was so emotionally weak I would have been crying hours after seeing he deleted me on fb but I didn’t, sure I had a couple moments where I could have lost it but stopped and got a hold of myself after thinking clearly. I do plan on talking to him or at least telling him a few things in the near future but still unsure of how to approach that right now. The emails I get daily from this site did actually help me stay away from contacting him and just focusing on myself, but still need help and especially with my situation now that he has removed me on FB. Any advice????

    • renata February 29, 2012, 8:09 am

      almost in the same situation as you.. how did you do after he removed you from FB? any changes?

  • Sarah January 16, 2012, 6:23 pm

    Mandy I am totally with you. I went through the same exact thing and I had been dating him for a year and a half. We wanted to be friends and yesterday he even told me he can’t stop thinking about me then all if a sudden he’s like I hate you for ruining my life, you’re the worst I don’t even wanna be friends and deleted me. I kept my cool but I cried a lot too. I feel like he’s just saying that so he can get himself to move on? Either way he was really rude to me and worst part is I ended up seeing him at a friends gathering last night. We didn’t even look at each other and I even texted him while standing there like an idiot and hoping a reply even though he had looked at his Phone too. I really at least want to be friends because he was my best friend and I admire all of you who have waited months with no contact. It’s only been a month since our breakup but I honestly don’t have time to wait that long because then he’ll be going off to college after summer and I want something to happen this last semester at summer. We have always wanted to keep a long distance thing or try it so why does he have to be this way? Ugh I wanna call him and ask to be friends again

  • joanna January 20, 2012, 2:02 pm

    Me my ex were together for almost 4 years. The reason why I think he left me cause I was always finding out stuff about him like when he was cheating or chilling with his ex but now he doesn’t talk. He says he hates me and he wished he never met me for some reason. By the way I have one baby with him and one on the way. Then he said he wished he never had kids by me. A lot of bull. He took me off his friends list on Facebook. He calls once and a while but I am not too happy. But he ask who I go with and everything. What should I do. Help! I really love him, he says he’s getting married.

  • Haley January 26, 2012, 3:35 am

    My ex and I had dated Twice. The first time only four months but the second time almost a year and a half. He broke up with me the day after new years. He said he still wanted to be friends but whenever he sees me he completely ignores me. He said that he just didn’t want a relationship. Jan. 24 I texted him and said have a good day because on that day exactly two years ago is when we first started dating. I never heard back but I wasn’t expecting to. He completely shut me out.

    • kimberley March 12, 2012, 7:45 pm

      you are not alone on that one.
      He was my best friend, the only person who understood my weird humour, changed with my moods and made me feel like a princess.
      We dated twice. I’ve loved him for as long as i can remember, he is my first love, and it doesnt seem like its about to change.
      Problem is, he is tempermental,split personality anda perpetual flirt. Everything that’s in a skirt is fair game.
      He broke up with me because i ‘have trusts issues’ but he refused to agree that they are valid.
      He goes out of his way to make me uncomfortable in our social circles, he does things to annoy the hell out of me, and updates ‘i love my life’ whenever i’m online.

      I hope he sees sense soon or i might have to knock it into his thick head.

      Ps: if he was your bestfriend, dont make him feel replaced, just keep that void open and be on the lookout for the one guy that will push him over the edge. Its working for me, bit by bit

  • Kate January 26, 2012, 9:46 pm

    I was seeing this guy for 8 months, we agreed to just be “friends” as he still had feelings for his ex and I was leaving the country for 3 months to work. After 4 months I began to develop strong feelings for him but he still said he only saw me as a friend and there would never be anything more. When I left the country we stayed in contact over FB and he even rang me, said he misses me a little bit. Anyway, when I returned something was different, we spent every day together, met his family for the first time and then he finally said it!! Said he had feelings for me, he had not stopped thinking about it and he wanted us to give it a go. By the next day he changed his mind, wasn’t ready but wasn’t saying never. I then told him that I couldn’t just be his friend now, not after everything which he said he understood. Within 1 week, he’s in a relationship, announced it in Facebook and never been happier 🙁 don’t get it, he’s been really mean. He contacts me most of the time for something or nothing so I have asked him politely that we do not contact each other for anything, I said it’s for the best and all he said was “k”!! What’s that about? Someone help??!!

  • Paul February 8, 2012, 8:52 am

    Me and my ex dated for three years, we broke up over 6 months ago and we hadn’t talked since the day we broke up in July all the way until Christmas. Then she acted like she wanted to get back together with me, then got mad because she heard I hooked up with a bunch of girls and said she wants me completely out of her life. Then she didn’t talk to me until a month later. We talked for few days then she went on to say she wants to learn how to be on her own and that she will always love me but doesn’t know when she will speak to me again. I make it a point to never attempt to contact her and only allow her too. Sometimes I catch her driving by my house. She also dated a guy for a few months but when we talked she explained that she only did it because she couldn’t be alone. I love her more than anything but everyone needs to allow the people they love so much to grow on there own. If its meant to be, in my case I’m sure it is they will come back. Especially if you were a huge part of there life. And if not the next one you choose will be everything you want because you will choose very wisely and not wish to make a mistake with the new person you wish to be with. Just remember to smile and be proud of who you are. We all know that heartbreak is the hardest thing but you will grow so much stronger. An I always live by this “everyday is a new day and anything can happen”. Be happy enjoy yourself. The hours will turn into days the days will turn into weeks and the weeks will turn into months and sooner or later they will make contact. They love you as much as you love them and they miss you just the same. Let them live and learn on there own and of it’s who your meant to be with. They will come back 🙂 Remember to smile and be proud of yourself and take pride in all you do.

    Good Luck to all

  • Mark February 9, 2012, 5:16 pm

    Sorry this is so long!
    I feel all of your pain everyone! Believe me. My fiance just broke up with me after dating 3 years. After about 6 months I think true colors start to show and we truly loved each other for who we were. Just before year 2 she was hinting she wanted an engagement ring. Our whole relationship was about taking things slow because we were still young. She was 18 and I was 20 when we met. Neither of us were ever in a serious relationship before, dated but no boyfriends or girlfriends. We wanted to take it slow because we both just got out of a bad dating relationship (me where the girl was going out with one of my friends, and her where the guy just wanted to get into her pants). I loved the fact that she was untouched by the bad things of society and seemed to be a pure and innocent woman. The day I met her was the first day she ever drank alcohol, and let’s face it, the fact that we were both virgins when we met at that age is also very rare. So the whole relationship we thought we were so perfect for each other, things were great and we never fought about anything too much. We were really good for each other but I still wanted to make sure she wanted to get married for the right reasons, and not because friends and family were getting married and just to hop on the bandwagon. To be honest nobody has ever loved me as much as she did, and I loved her the same way in return. She wanted to prove to me she wanted to be with me so she picked up another job because she wanted to move in with me next year. I told her I’d propose next year because I didn’t have the money at the time (even though I had already bought the ring and was just waiting for the right time). She said she understood and said she could wait because she loved me, what else did I need for proof she was in it for the right reasons? So I got her parents blessings and planned a “vacation with her”. So she started her new job right after we made plans for our “vacation”, and that next month seemed like things were a little off but we had a vacation coming up so I didn’t worry about it, and once we had our vacation 1 ½ months after she started that new job I proposed and she said yes. Things were great/perfect for 3 weeks but then things went back to being a little off for the next 1 ½ months. She attributed it to her feeling depressed (she has problems with depression sometimes). I told myself not to worry and that I always bring her back up but for some reason she seemed to be just not as close intimacy wise and no longer touchy feely. Again I was a little worried but didn’t know what to think. Then out of the blue 2 months after we got engaged she asked me if I had wished we met later in life or that we dated more before we were in a relationship. I said that’s a weird thing to ask when you are engaged and asked if there was someone else or she had doubts, she denied at first but then admitted there was somebody else she worked with that she flirted with and had a good time being around. But she said she would chose me over him and prove it by not flirting with him anymore and sending him a facebook message telling him to not talk to her anymore because she is engaged and it wasn’t healthy for our relationship. She also said she’d delete him on facebook. She is a very insecure girl and the fact she was getting attention from someone else for once I think placed doubt in here head. To wrap this up the next day I asked to see the message on fb and she said she deleted it and her friends list went to private. 3 weeks went by and then she pulled the I need space card. She brought up something from 2 years ago and said she didn’t know if she could trust me and fed me a lot of BS… then a week after she had space came back to me and gave me the ring, said she still loved me and wanted to be with me but needed more time to think. She assured me she wasn’t leaving me for anyone and wasn’t looking to be in a relationship.

    Her sister who is very close to me called me and told me the truth and said she had gone out with this guy while we were engaged and said I deserve to know the truth because I’m a good guy. I have gone through a world of emotions this last month. I met with her twice after the breakup once because she initiated once because I did, She denied EVERYTHING about the other guy and I don’t know what to think anymore, I know she is lying, she is pissed at her sister because of her telling me the truth. I feel like she wanted me as plan B and that’s why I refused to be friends with her when she asked if we could. Its been 10 days of no contact. I have so many emotions and don’t know what to do with them. I hope she humbles herself and comes back. But then again nobody who truly loves someone would do that while engaged. The excuse that she is 21 isn’t one. I blocked her on facebook because I said she has to know what life is like without me because that was what she was choosing… I have no regrets but I only hope she does. She isn’t the same person I dated for so long, because she was afraid of losing me she tried to look hotter and her loosing 27lbs since I met her and dying her hair blond this last year made her get attention from this guy and instill doubt in her… it’s a shame. I want the old her back, if she came back and was honest I’d have to think about it, she’d have to prove everything and gain trust back but I don’t know if it could ever be the same way, she’d have to change to her old self again. And the more time that goes by the more I feel betrayed and angry instead of sad. I hope she realizes everything soon. Or that I meet someone better soon.

  • amos February 17, 2012, 8:08 am

    Me and my girlfrind have been in a relationship for over 3years now…we where so in love which each other, suddenly everything changed. it was 1st of january this year. she said she doensnt believe in the relationship anymore..that she is not seeing us getting married in the future. she started giving me hell, and often say we re no longer in a relationship, but just friends. i try to make her understnad that i love her and will propose at the right time. but she is always feeling insecure..saying am wasting her time. there was a time we broke up in this 3year relationship, but we came back together.
    i am all confused now..we used to see each other all the time. but now she does not want to see me. i have really missed her alot.
    as a man i have to make things right before getting married..that she will not understand.
    please i really need an advise, cos i dont want to lose her.
    me fear is for her not to start dating someone else.
    please reply.

  • Paul February 18, 2012, 10:58 am

    You’ll be alright man. She’s young so was my ex just gotta let them grow up. There so unsteady at 18-19 they have no idea what they want. But you’ll be alright you seem like me, just send love there way. They will get the message one day wether its to late or not. They will

  • nick February 23, 2012, 6:43 pm

    well…. i blocked her off on fb… and now I find out shes dating someone… its been 1 months since we broke up… is it too late? I’ve had completely no contact with her for the past 4 days… how long should this no contact period continue? – things might get awkward when she sees me in two days at a gathering… what happens to the no contact period then?

  • Mark February 25, 2012, 5:40 am

    UPDATE: Still haven’t talked to her or had any form of contact in weeks… it’s been 5 weeks since the breakup and just over 3 since I’ve seen her. At least i’m finally not dreaming of her EVERY night… still think about everything every day but I don’t think that’ll go away anytime soon… I’ve resorted to lifting/exercising and focussing on school… seems the healthiest thing to do.

    Hey Paul,
    Thanks, that’s what I was thinking to… she has to grow up and realize 100% what she wants. I honestly feel like she knows but maybe just wants to play the field a little and is being selfish, I don’t know if I can accept someone back after doing that to someone they “love”. I’m just pissed this had to happen after we got engaged. No matter what this changes things. I will have trust issues now… yeah I know she being 21 is still young but it doesn’t give people the excuse to say yes to being engaged and then go out with someone else… they know its still wrong otherwise they wouldn’t try to hide it. I feel like nobody in the world can be trusted anymore. It’s sad, she fucked me up really good. I’ve never trusted ANYONE in life more than her, ever. Don’t know if I could again. I feel like a part of me died inside.

  • Jen February 29, 2012, 2:25 am

    Me and my ex-partner dated for 7 years. I broke up with him last January. so, it has been 1 month since we broke up. We have a 3-year-old son. He just texted me yesterday, saying that he misses his son, but I did not respond. I know that he just misses my son halfheartedly. I just decided to become a single parent. I don’t want my son to grow up with a broken family. He betrayed us, that’s why I am very hurt. Although, I missed him but until now, I cannot forget on what he did. He cheated on me. I guess, I won’t expect anything from him anymore. I will have to move being a single parent.

  • renata February 29, 2012, 7:50 am

    what if the ex has already unfriended me on facebook?
    i didnt cry, beg, etc.. going through the no contact period week 6..still no positive response.
    on top, he has unfriended me on facebook.. how to continue from here?

  • Kiara March 3, 2012, 5:23 am

    We went out for 8 months Alomst 9 nd it’s been a month since we broke up. I think the problems started our last month he kept making jokes that we were gonna be friends one day so I asked did he just wanna be friends now he said no and everything was fine for awhile until he went to the club one day he said this girl was there and asked for his number he said no but she got it from his friend (now that I think about it I don’t think that’s true at all) but anyways they started tAlking and then he started changing he even was ignoring my calls to tAlk to her I told him he needed to remember who his girlfriend was but then he asked for time I said I understood and I gave it to him but an hour later he called and said he needed me and to take him back I said ok but don’t ask for that again well the next day he did and I broke up with him and I ignored him for two days thinking it will be good for us so on the second night I asked him how he felt About us he was really mean and said u should’ve been texting me when I couldn’t sleep and was sick about us I said I was sorri nd I wanted to get back together ur he said no I needed to move on because he did so the next week him and the girl he met at the club started going got he bought her roses and stuff for valentines day but when they got into a argument she threw them in the trash he was really hurt by that me I’m ashamed to say when he called and told me this I was hoping we’ll get back together . We didn’t but we remained good friends until one day I was talkin to my friend and I told her what he had did with Another girl (auck his dick) I know stupid) but when he heard about it he got really mad and told me to never txt him or call him again I said I was sorri nd still needed him as a friend but he said nah FCk that so I said ok have a good life and I’ve kept my head up ever since I have a part time job now and I’m doing better in a school I got back in touch with my old friend to I’ve realized now the break up was a good thing he was holding me back from a lot of things i wanted to do neways it still hurts sometimes but each day gets easier so you people out there your life is not over!!!! Please go get a hobby and better yourself they say he best revenge is success

  • Shain March 17, 2012, 10:58 pm

    I am trying to exercise the NCP now. It has been 2mos. since I was kicked out of the house by my girlfriend. The “shit” actually hit the fan around the end of November, and the break up break up happened the end of December.. HOWEVER, we have spent A LOT of time together since then. Shes slept at my house a few times, and I have slept at (our old house) her house MANY times.. We have been intimate with each other several times as well.. But, she still sends me messages that say “dear john” type shit. Her mind is jumbled, doesn’t know if she can forgive me, etc.. BUT, she calls, comes around and hangs with me, invites me to her house, we have visited our mutual friends together.. WTF!!!? She wants to be broken up for real or not……???? Will she EVERcome back to me… I hope so, but in the mean time I have immersed myself back into my martial arts, and I have been working a lot and spending a lot of time with my family… And I am enjoying it….

  • Emily March 23, 2012, 7:08 pm

    My ex & I had been together for 4 years & we were engaged for 2 years when he just all of a sudden stopped talking to me… he had been really distant with me & stopped telling me he loved me for about 2 weeks & one day going into class I see that he changed his status from engaged to single… I was heartbroken & he didn’t answer his phone or my messages! I cried until he finally answered back & he just said, we aren’t good for each other, I don’t love you, etc… I sent him his things & I kept the ring… he wanted to be friends even though he treated me so badly. He tried talking to me the next few days when I told him I just need some space. He gave it to me & then broke the silence & demanded a few other things from me. I finally responded to his messages after ignoring him for only a day. I was getting frustrated with him cause, I really was trying to move on. And I was angry with how he kept telling me that his fb status changing was an accident. I never believed that. We got into an argument & haven’t talked since then… been about 3 weeks now… I don’t plan on talking to him again & I sent him his ring back… the hardest thing I’ve ever done… but, I really do feel like its over.