How To Infiltrate Your Ex’s Thoughts?

Last time, we talked about what will make your ex attracted to you again. Today, we are going to talk about how you actually go about doing it.

The easiest and the most effective way to do this would be to stop all communications for a while as suggested in Step 2. But I know you’ve heard that advice a lot of time. Well, the reason why everyone gives you that advice is because it actually works. When you stop communication, you give them nothing. If you keep contact with them, and you tell them what you are doing and what you are going through, you don’t leave much to their imagination, do you? On the other hand, when you stop contact, you give them nothing. You leave everything to their imagination.

Since you two have been together for a long while, it will be impossible for them to not think about you. I know it will be the same at your end. But you are doing this on purpose, and whenever you feel the need to know what your ex is doing, here is your answer. “THEY ARE THINKING ABOUT YOU”.

This obsession goes on for a while. During this phase, your ex might contact you or might not contact you. But you shall not contact them again, until you are actually ready to do so. And whenever you meet them again, you should never be completely open and talk about everything in your life. You keep the meeting short and sweet. You make it like a trailer of the next blockbuster. You give them enough to get excited, but always leave them hanging for more. This way, you infiltrate their thoughts for the next couple of days.

The key is to keep them thinking about you and whenever your thoughts in their head start to fade away, you again give them something to think about.

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I m a 18 yr old guy. Was in a relation with my girlfriend 4 about a year. We really loved each other very much. My girlfriend dumped me a month ago. I don’t find any clear reason behind it. 4 months ago, she told me that this relation has no future as we are of different cast. But I assured her that it won’t matter. As we live in the same city and are studying in same school and our family relation is good. She understood the fact and everything was alright again. Now suddenly she is reacting strangely… Read more »
wait but…OK so me and my ex broke up two months ago..when it first happened it was over the phone cause…whatever he’s…yeah…so then after he texted and asked if I was ok then the next day we texted then the next week he asked me how I was then he checked up on me a week later…..he’s sort of emotionally abusive at times and I was afraid if I didn’t answer back he’d be mad, cause I didn’t answer back one time and he got mad….so now I’m like ‘shoot I should have just never answered him back at all,… Read more »
Cruel Heroine

Give them what they want, end of story. Be good, friendly, share it all like a geeky. Getting to know only your side is not bad after all. Honesty is the policy. show some of that good gestures.


oh yeah