Should You Get Your Ex Back?

After a breakup, it is very very common for someone to start thinking about getting their ex back. But before you do anything to try to get your ex back, you have to be sure that it is a good idea. The fact is your breakup happened for a reason. And maybe it is better to just let go and start dating someone else.

So how do you know if you should get your ex back, or you should move on?

1. Why do you want your ex back?


should you get your ex back?You can’t say things like,

“I am miserable without them.”

“I can’t love again”

“I will never find love again”

Those are just knee jerk reaction to a breakup. You have to pull yourself together and first realize that you can and will love again and you will live a long and happy life with or without them.

You have to be more specific. Think about your relationship.

Did you feel loved?

Did you feel respected?

Were you two happy together?

Were you two honest about your feelings?

Did you really cherish the intimacy in the relationship?

Were you the only who sacrificed in the relationship or you both tried to make things work?

Questions like these will give you a better idea about your relationship and whether or not it is worth pursuing your ex.

Another important question you should ask yourself is

2. What would be different this time?


The fact is something went wrong in the relationship. And if you are not sure what it was, then it will happen again. You have to be specific about what went wrong and what will be different this time. Don’t say generic statements like

“I will love them more”

“I will try harder”

If you find yourself saying things like that, then it means you are not sure what went wrong in the relationship. And that just means that it will happen again.

Unfortunately, many breakups are so confusing that you just don’t understand what went wrong. Many times your ex would have used some old cliché to break up with you. Leaving you confused about why they broke up. It is essential that you understand what went wrong before you try to get your ex back.

Now, if you are sure that you want your ex back, and you have a good reason for pursuing your ex, you should go ahead and read my 3 step plan for getting your ex back.

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12 years ago

thank you I’ve been lookin for a website like this and I found it by the way I know it shouldn’t matter as long as I get help but are u a boy or girl or 2 people because for me its easier for a boy because I can get advice on my ex bf..and see from a boy’s point of view