The Abundance Mindset

Today, I want to talk about mindset. There are two types of mentality in general.

The abundance mentality and the scarcity mentality.

What it means is pretty obvious really. People with abundance mentality think that there is enough opportunities (related to money, love, business etc.) for everyone.

And on the other hand, people with scarcity mentality believe that there is only a limited number of opportunities. And you need to fight with other people and hold on to the things you have because you may never get it again.

Well, in many cases, after a breakup, people tend to shift towards the scarcity mentality when it comes to love. They think that if they don’t get their ex back, they will never find love again and therefore never find happiness.

The truth is my friend, there are endless opportunities out there. And you NEED to accept that.

You know why?

People with the scarcity mentality live in fear. They live in fear of losing everything they have. And because of that fear, they never truly enjoy their life.

On the other hand, people with abundance mentality, live their life to the fullest. They know that if they lose something, they will always find something else and something better.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long  and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the  one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell
My point is, when you go meet your ex, you should have the abundance mentality. Because if you don’t, (s)he will notice it. (S)he will notice that you are still trying to hold on to him/her. And you are still afraid of losing him/her forever.

You have to accept the possibility that you will never get him/her back. And you have to embrace the endless opportunities out there which you can use anytime to find new love and new happiness.

Only when you accept it, you will be ready to meet your ex.

– Kevin “Accept it and Embrace it” Thompson

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  • David Solomon December 2, 2011, 12:46 am

    I just want you help me on what to do because she never wanna come back anymore ,and I still love her.

  • supriya December 31, 2011, 9:18 am

    hey i read your 3 steps and want to ask that what if i have already begged in front of him to come back?
    what if he decided to be my friend but this friendship is like he is doing a favor to me..?
    I really love him ..we were together for one year and he broke up saying that he was not ready. Not just with me but with anyone else. He even said that relationships bound us..and there is no point of being in relationship and he was never ready for relationship. 🙁

    • CB March 18, 2012, 9:03 pm

      well then become his friend, make him think that you have moved on and no longer give a damn, meet up and act like one of his mates. when the dates over just say this was fun we should do this again, call me the next time you wanna hang out. when he calls you don’t answer and then send back a message saying so sorry i missed your call, and don’t leave an explanation. he will call and call and then you reply and make plans and be completely different. you must remind him of all the good times and have a few laughs then you start to be mysterious and he’ll soon ask you on dates, decline the first and second and on the third attempt say that it sounds fun to be hanging out with a friend, on the date tell him how fun it is to be friends and by the end of the night pretend to get a call from another guy and say that your sorry but you have to go. hopefully by the next day he will be sending so many texts and trying to get hold of you but you should just limit yourself to one text a week. then let him take you on another date and he will ask you out 🙂

  • steveo January 14, 2012, 11:13 pm

    Hey David, it might not have even been your fault! I had a terrible break up one time and I blamed myself for everything, but looking back I see I was just a sweet young guy! She had eating problems & things – so you see it really might not be all your fault. There really are more girls out there and any girl could be the one! If you want her to be, think about that! (That’s something I learned for myself).

  • Paul February 8, 2012, 9:18 am

    Me and my ex dated for three years, we broke up over 6 months ago and we hadn’t talked since the day we broke up in July all the way until Christmas. Then she acted like she wanted to get back together with me, then got mad because she heard I hooked up with a bunch of girls and said she wants me completely out of her life. Then she didn’t talk to me until a month later. We talked for few days then she went on to say she wants to learn how to be on her own and that she will always love me but doesn’t know when she will speak to me again. I make it a point to never attempt to contact her and only allow her too. Sometimes I catch her driving by my house. She also dated a guy for a few months but when we talked she explained that she only did it because she couldn’t be alone. I love her more than anything but everyone needs to allow the people they love so much to grow on there own. If its meant to be, in my case I’m sure it is, they will come back. Especially if you were a huge part of there life. And if not the next one you choose will be everything you want because you will choose very wisely and not wish to make a mistake with the new person you wish to be with. Just remember to smile and be proud of who you are. We all know that heartbreak is the hardest thing but you will grow so much stronger. An I always live by this “everyday is a new day and anything can happen”. Be happy enjoy yourself. The hours will turn into days the days will turn into weeks and the weeks will turn into months and sooner or later they will make contact. They love you as much as you love them and they miss you just the same. Let them live and learn on there own and of it’s who your mean t to be with. They will come back Remember to smile and be proud of yourself and take pride in all you do.

    Good-luck to all

    • Kris March 2, 2012, 11:55 pm

      Wise words, Paul. You’re a good man. Take care.

  • de wet March 13, 2012, 5:10 pm

    hey man! I’ve been doing doing this for a while now, but my ex wont seem to budge … she said i made her unhappy and she gave me chances! and it ran out… we wont ever be together again