Why Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Okay, your ex broke up with you. They broke your heart and you feel rejected and hurt. It seems like that the only thing you want at this moment is to be with them again. Hold your ex in your arms again and whisper in their ears how much you love them. And in return, you want them to whisper those three magic words back.

Even though, all that sounds very romantic and there is a good chance that it may come true; you have to step back for a moment and think what you really want. Now, it’s a very hard thing to do, especially right after a breakup when you are feeling hurt and desperate. That’s why you should follow the 3 steps to get your ex back and somewhere in between; you will realize whether or not you actually want them back.

Consider this, there is a possibility that you want your ex back only because they rejected you and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling to be rejected. It’s also possible that you want your ex back because you are too scared to go out and find someone else and start all over again.

Think of the above two reasons again. Feeling rejected, and scared to start over again. Are those the right reasons to get back together? I don’t think so. There may be many other reasons, but those two sure as heck should not be the only reason that you get your ex back.

Regardless, of what the reason is, if you just broke up with your ex and are feeling desperate, just follow the 3 step plan and you will start thinking more rationally very soon. When you do, I want you to think really hard whether or not you want them back.

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Sagar swarup

Its great


what to write in the letter?

I want him back because I love him more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. I just made the biggest mistake that I could have in my whole life, I know he his hurt and angry, this never happened to me before, just hoping i am not doing all the wrong things. He has a right to be hurt and angry, but I hope the love we shared can bring us back together, forever, he said he was seeing someone else, which tore my heart out. We had so much fun together, it’s not like me to… Read more »

My boyfriend broke up with me after four months…he told me that we’d be together forever and everything else I wanted to hear. And I believed him:/ so we had sex (we were each others first) and then a week later he broke up with me.. I’m so emotionally attached so how do i get him back!?!?!